The holidays are coming and web traffic is increasing


Did you know that offers results that appear under funeral home and hospital search results? Then, we show the participating shops that service those hospitals and funeral homes.


Our floral gallery actually allows users to call you directly with an LFS item number. Unfortunately, many shops have not added these numbers onto their websites and are not familiar with the arrangements. We know this because people end up hanging up and proceed to call the main number. PLEASE, get familiar with these LFS item numbers so your staff can take more orders!


If I had 1 wish, it would be for every shop to utilize a tracking phone number and tracking URL on their ads. This way, you can see just how many potential customers are actually calling, clicking and ordering from you that were directed from


Remember, when someone clicks on your ad, they are visiting your shop. They have made the decision to enter your store. If 20-30 people walked in to your shop, how many would make a purchase? So please, take a moment and update your listing for this Valentine’s holiday. You can log in or join here

Please also check your membership badges and the descriptions of your shop. Are you Teleflora?  FTD? Are you open Sundays? Also, check the minimums on your arrangements. Be sure that you have the very best listing. For just $395 for the WHOLE YEAR, you can be listed on the top of the search results. Capture more local orders with

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Valentine’s Day is only 49 days away. What’s your plan?

A special message to all of our listing members…

During my travels working with florists on our web program across the country, I often ask in hotels and restaurants, where can I go to send flowers? Try this sometime. OR if any florists want to play, I will name cities and you name the shop you know there. Part 2 will be below

Dayton, OH, Lebanon PA, Des Moines, IA Phoenix, AZ  Billings, MT Saint Louis, MO Dallas, TX, Saint Claire Shores, MI Atlanta Miami, FL Birmingham, AL Ypsilanti, MI Grand Rapids, MI, Kalamazoo, MI, Kansas City, MO, Denver, CO Atlantic City, NJ Rochester,NY  This is just a small sampling of shops I know you all know. Now ask yourself WHY do you know them?

Dayton, Oberer’s

Lebanon, Royers

Des Moines, Boesen

Phoenix, Phoenix Flower Shops and Cactus

Billings, Gainans

Saint Louis, Walter Knoll

Dallas, Mc Shan and Bices

Saint Claire Shores, Viviano and Mancusos

Atlanta, Carithers

Miami, Trias

Fort Lauderdale, Field of Flowers

Ypsilanti , MI Norton’s

Birmingham, AL Norton’s

Grand Rapids,MI Eastern

Kalamazoo,MI Vandersalms

Kansas City,MO Village Gardens and Toblers

Denver,CO Veldkamps and Lehrers

Atlantic City, Fishers

Rochester NY, Kittelbergers

Are there any names here you don’t know? I am sure the answer is NO. What do all these companies have in common? MARKETING

When you promote your shop you get more than just orders, you get brand awareness. Have you seen any of these shops talking and / or bashing the industry? You don’t.

Some people want recognition and others run their business for profit.

I know what you are thinking, what is my purpose here? I know most of you know our brand Beneva? It is because we too marketed. But what is my purpose here? Yes to bring florists together to market more because when they do, we all get lower print costs. This is no secret? I don’t need a pat on the back nor do I need to argue…I am simply stating points of which I believe strongly about. Remember, I don’t have to do this Teleflora doesn’t need to market. Where would the industry be without us all? Would Pro Flowers stop marketing? Would 1800 Flowers stop taking local orders and wiring them back to the VERY SAME PEOPLE complaining about the industry?

So before the few of you start the “I am wore service free chant” I am just saying, the answer to getting out of the problems in the industry is to all work together. It is to begin marketing and lose the idea that your will be busy ANYWAY.

LFSHoliday marketing is like fishing. Would you go fishing in an empty pond or full. The world will again send flowers at Valentine’s Day. Are you ready? Do you have our postcards? Or anyone’s postcards or ads?

We bring florists together. Ask the leaders of this group about how we can all do something to bring more business? That should be the goal of being together. We are in a grossly under marketed industry that needs awareness brought to it. Quitting marketing plans without replacing them with something in my opinion is just not good.

Happy Holidays and if you want to talk anytime, I can be reached at 941-934-7401 x100

Arthur F. Conforti, PFCI

Beneva Corporation | President

6980 Beneva Road | Sarasota, FL 34238

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Tis’s the season to take advantage of’s reputable directory. Capture back those local orders that you are losing. Here is the break down on the costs for an enchanted membership. You can also join for FREE by clicking here.


GOLD [$395 per year or $32.95 monthly]

Includes: your shops name | address and 2 phone numbers | a 255+ character description about your shop | a floral image | PLUS an additional 80 characters next to your image | 5 delivery cities | access to addtional city listings for only $10 per year or $1.00 monthly | always appear on page 1 

SILVER [$195 per year or $18.95 monthly]

Includes: your shops name | address | 2 phone numbers | space for a short shop description | 3 delivery cities | appear below gold listings 

BRONZE [$120 per year or $12.95 monthly] 

Includes: your shops name | address | 2 phone numbers | a link to your website | a map to your shop | single city delivery area 


It’s a great time of the year to get started. With the busy season in full swing and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the only thing getting a listing will do is bring in more orders. Help your shop take back those local orders.

1-800-515-2710  | send us an email  |  Local Florists click here for a FREE listing



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Is something holding you back?

We are now in the midst of the holiday shopping season. Customers everywhere will be placing orders and looking for flower shops all over the country. Is your shop prepared? Below are 3 frequently asked quesitons that most shops typically ask in regards to services.

1. How does the directory work? 

Online customers search the directory by entering a city and state. The florist listings for that city will be displayed. We have 3 levels of paid memberships, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Gold members always appear at the top of the city search results. Silver members are listed next. Bronze members wold appear below Silver members. The listings in each city rotate within their membership level, each time someone searches on that city. 

2. How will I know if the directory is working for me? 

We offer 2 ways to track the results you receive from our directory. (1) We send you a email every time  a visitor clicks through to your website from our directory. (2) Create a unique tracking URL and assign it to A unique tracking URL allows you to capture additional important information about your visitors. 

3. How is the directory advertised? 

To attract customers, we are doing a major amount of paid advertising with 2 major search engines. (Google & Yahoo) We appear on all the most popular flower related search terms.  A link to our directory has been added to thousands of other websites and online directories to make our directory even more visible to online customers. 

-YOUR team

1-800-515-2710  | send us an email  |  Local Florists click here for a FREE listing

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the BENEFITS of an ENHANCED listing


One of the best things about the online florist directory,, is that florist can sign up and be in the directory for free. 100% absolutely free, no trial period, no charge. Once they have been added to the directory, their shop can be found on page two and on. Page one is reserved for enhanced member listings.

Gold listing, click to enlarge

The BENEFITS of an ENHANCED listing

  • Displayed on page 1
  • 1, 3 and 5+ listing areas included
  • custom image and text
  • add an area for only $10 per year

Maybe your shop is located in an area where you don’t need more than one, or three listings. Check your area on the directory, see who is there, see what you could be missing. Maybe no one is there, maybe its your biggest competitor. At the very least, sign up for free. If you want to see a noticeable change in new customer orders, look into our enhanced membership listings. We have affordable options for every shop.

-YOUR team

1-800-515-2710  | send us an email  |  Local Florists click here for a FREE listing

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Have A Listing For The Holidays

There’s no better time than NOW to have a listing in the directory. During the holidays customers WILL be  looking for local florists around the country. Will your shop appear in the search engine results? With our help, it can.

Whether you sign up for free or choose from one of the enhanced listings, it is the most affordable on-line advertising that offers nationwide exposure. In addition to your shop’s information, customers also have the ability to shop directly on the site. Maybe they are in a hurry or one of the lovely arrangements in the gallery caught their eye as they were scrolling down the page, either way it doesn’t matter because they will be placing that order directly with YOU. 

Click here and sign up for free today or contact us using the information below. Start taking your orders back using the most effective directory for florists in the nation.

1-800-515-2710 | send us an e mail 

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Would you like to send a sympathy arrangement? We can help!

Everybody knows that is the best place to look up a shop located out of town. What everybody may NOT know is it’s also a great place to look up funeral services located out of town. Simply visit and click on the local funeral homes tab, the page will come up as shown below. It’s always an unfortunate circumstance when sympathy flowers need to be sent, but can make that process easier for customers and fellow florists alike. Don’t waste time aimlessly searching every major search engine, just visit us. Shop smart, shop local, shop 

1-800-515-2710 | send us an e mail 

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